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A complete and accurate budget allows us to plan planned costs, use more resources, realize more dreams and save unnecessary expenses. The Regional Construction Center knows the market prices of the private construction sector and is investing in the detailed analysis of construction increases for each house and for each construction plan, including negotiating with suppliers.


Understand your special needs and tailor unique solutions that work for you and your family. The amount of detail, the professionals and the variety of materials used to build a private home are sometimes the cause of many misunderstandings and dilemmas surrounding various alternatives. The center’s staff is attentive and understands the need to offer simple and complex solutions.


Building a house is a unique project in life and must be done without errors or deviations. It must be a villa or a private house, where the requirements and the level of finish are higher than usual. The construction center takes into account that the architectural design presented to you is one by one.


Building a house is a journey that brings us together in complex situations where it is important to be attentive, calm, clear and make informed decisions. Experience shows that the right way to create happiness, creativity, quality and financial savings is when you have someone who understands – an experienced expert in carrying out all that is needed for your home and at a lower cost – an escort who understands you, who understands what you will know, at the entrance of the new house.


  • Among the possible solutions, between design and practice Think about saving energy in the long term and getting acclimatized from home
  • The stage of negotiation with contractors / suppliers and understand the price proposals for details
  • Conclude work agreements that will protect you with different professionals
    Consultation meetings throughout
  • Choice of materials and negotiations and a significant reduction
    Buy materials for you.


Architects and interior designers accompanied by their clients with a wide range of decorative accessories.

The position “Drum”, the position “Nirlat”, the position “Caesar Caesar”, the support “parquet”, the support “glass”, the position “types of rifle”, the stone support, the support in aluminum and the pergola support.

And a seating area for architects with all the required computer applications

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